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Focus Dailies all Day Comfort 30 pack

(30 lenses per box)
Focus Dailies

Focus Dailies all Day Comfort 30 pack: Information

Focus Dailies All day comfort

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort are one of our top-selling daily contact lenses, designed to provide maximum comfort to your eyes, all day long. Made from the unique Lightstream Technology, they have a thin edge which makes them easy to insert and comfortable to wear. The surface design reduces protein build ups, ensuring maximum hygiene and allowing more oxygen through to the front surface of the eye. This helps to provide long-lasting comfort and relief to dry eyes. Focus Dailies All Day Comfort contact lenses are ideal for people who live busy, active lifestyles. A fresh new pair is worn every day, leaving you free to enjoy clear vision without the hassle of a strict cleaning and storage routine.

Lenssaver.co.uk sources all lenses ethically, from a licensed UK manufacturer. Focus Dailies all day comfort are available in stock .This guarantees that you will receive high-quality products direct to your door, and benefit from our fast dispatch and convenient delivery options including next day delivery.

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  • Patients blink up to 14,000 times a day and every time a moisturizing agent is released from the lens onto the eyes, keeping them refreshed and revitalized.
  • PVA, a moisturizing agent contained in nelfilcon A lens material is released from the contact lens with the natural blinking action for continuous lubrication throughout the day.


  • Comfort: Blink activated sustained moisturize release (PVA) for improved end of day comfort
  • Quick to fit: Easy application and comfort.


  • All-day comfort:Lightstream technology keeps your eyes hydrated and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Easy to insert: Thin edges make it easy to put in your lenses.
  • Perfect for active lifestyles: Wear your lenses once then throw them away.

Contact Lens Details

CIBA Vision / Alcon
Type of Lens
Daily disposables
69% Water, 31% Nelfilcon A
Water Content
Handling tint
Edge to edge, light blue "Visitint"
UVA/UVB protection
Not specified