1. Bio True Multi-Purpose Solution
    Biotrue is the first multi-purpose solution inspired by the biology of your eyes. It was developed following intensive study on how the eye works naturally to clean, hydrate and keep itself healthy
  2. Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution (Flight Pack)
    Biotrue multi-purpose solution flight pack from Bausch & Lomb is the perfect accompaniment for any contact lens wearer going on holiday.
  3. Boston Advance Multipack
  4. Cadence Comfort Multi-Purpose Solution
    Cadence Solution  cadence comfort contains Hypromellose, a know comfort enhancer. cadence comfort demonstrates highly effective cleaning capability. cadence comfort demonstrates proven disinfection efficacy. Pack size.  3X 250 ml ( along with 3 lens Storage Cases) Suitable for Soft disposable Lenses including silicon lenses (Monthlies, Two Weekly)
  5. Complete RevitaLens (Flight Pack)
    If your are flying and can't carry your contact lens solution, don’t fret. The Complete Revitalens solution is available in a 100 ml bottle, just perfect to carry in you hand luggage when you travel.
  6. EasySept Multipack
    Precautions  Do not apply Hydrogen Peroxide solution directly to your eyes Use only the special lens case provided including the catalytic disc in combination Easysept Do not wear lenses after soaking less than six (6) hours in Easysept. If unneutralised Easysept solution gets into your eyes, immediately remove your lenses and flush your eyes with either saline or running water Do not rinse lenses in Easysept before inserting in eyes
  7. Opti Free Express Value Pack
    A multipurpose solution that takes the care out of cleaning. Opti-Free® Express is a no rub multipurpose cleaner.
  8. OPTI-FREE RepleniSH
  9. Oxysept 1 Step
  10. ReNu MPS flight pack
    ReNu® Multiplus® Multi-Purpose Solution is for use with all soft contact lenses.
  11. Renu MPS Twin Pack
  12. ReNu Multi-Plus Solution (1 Month Pack)
    ReNu® Multiplus® Multi-Purpose Solution is for use with all soft contact lenses.
  13. Renu Multi-Purpose Solution – 1 Month Pack
    ReNu® Multi-Purpose Solution gently cleans, rinses, disinfects and stores your soft contact lenses.