1. Boston Advance Multipack
    Boston® is a range of specially formulated solutions for rigid gas permeable (RGP) and hard contact lenses. Boston® Advance Cleaner prevents the accumulation of stubborn deposits, removes lipids and protein deposits and is formulated for improved rinsing. Boston® Advance Conditioning Solution contains a patented multi-polymer comfort system, which cushions the lens upon insertion and enhances lens wettability throughout the day. Boston Advance available sizes:...
  2. Boston Simplus 120ml
    Boston Simplus 120 Ml  Boston SIMPLUS Multi-Action Solution is a one-bottle cleaning, disinfecting and conditioning product that has the added convenience of a built-in protein remover and an easy-to-use lens care regimen. Boston Simplus is a multi action solution  with built in protein Remover Discard solution ninety (90) days after opening. Store this solution at room temperature. Avoid freezing. Use before expiration date on the container.

Gas Permeable Solutions Is A Best Formula For The Hard & GP Lenses

To keep the hard and gas permeable contact lens cleaner, GP is used. This cleaner works excellently to provide improved comfort and prolonged lenses wearing time. It is a gentle formula and pretty much effective.

Lenssaver is a name known for catering the quality based Total Contact Lens Solution without pinching your pouch. The people living in UK, United Kingdom are quite conscious about the quality of the product and the health of their eyes and that is why they always prefer us as we have carved out a special image. We rule over a number of hearts because of serving the quality based best products.

A Bit About Gas Permeable Solutions

Lenssaver offers you a complete line of Gas Permeable Solutions at the best price. They have been designed in a way keeping all points in the mind regarding the needs and requirement towards lenses care. GP plays a wide role to keep your contact lenses clean in a great manner. They remove protein from GP contact lenses in a great manner without leaving any negative effect over the contact lenses.  It has been designed for use on hard and gas permeable contact lenses.

They are considered one of the Best Contact Lens Solution for hard and gas permeable contact lenses. They are very helpful to maintain the comfort and quality. It means you do not have a need to muddle a lot. Saying would not be wrong that this solution should be considered a part of the Total care lenses cleaning system. Since there are many advantages of this solutions is high in demand among the customers.

This quality based solutions gently disinfects your lenses since it holds preservative free formula and plays a major role to store them in a hygienic environment until your next wear them. They keep your eyes safe and never let the dust or germs in. we need to understand that our eyes are most important part of the body and they are highly sensitive too.

Lenssaver Serves These Hard / Gas Permeable Solutions

  • • Total Care Daily Cleaner £5.55 (per box)
  • • Total Care Disinfecting Storing and Wetting (120ml) £ 5.99(per box)
  • • Total Care Disinfecting Storing and Wetting Multi Pack £19.95 (per box)

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