Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

Contact lens wearers may like glasses from time to time problems with dry eyes have. The possible causes are manifold. Frequent screen work, too low humidity, the use of certain drugs, allergies or eye diseases are often the root of all evil. But the wearing of contact lenses can also dry out the eyes.

Wearing contact lenses with dry eyes is very unpleasant. But are there any contact lenses that can be worn by sufferers in the event of a complaint? Which is contact lenses the right choice for dry eyes? Let us know!

Which contact lenses for dry eyes?

Dry eyes are something wrong with the tear film not of the eye. Either the amount of the tear film is not sufficient to wet the eyes sufficiently, or the composition of the tear film has been falsified, for example, by taking medicaments. If you're wondering which contact lenses for dry eyes are the best choice, you should be familiar with the so-called silicone hydrogel contact lenses look more closely.

Hydrogel lenses: High water content, short training duration

Normal hydrogel lenses have a water content of around 50 to 55 percent on. Due to their relatively high water content, they lose through evaporation relatively much moisture that they balance over the tear film. This means that they can remove moisture from the eye and thus enhance the effect. These contact lenses should therefore only a possible maximum of ten hours are worn long at a stretch.

Silicone-hydrogel contact lenses: Can be worn for up to 30 days

In dry eyes, silicone-hydrogel contact lenses are more suitable. Your water content is about 30 percent comparatively low. They remove less moisture from the eye and can, therefore, be worn longer. Usually, it is assumed that these contact lenses up to 14 hours can be worn without discomfort. However, there are special silicone hydrogel lenses that uninterrupted gestation period of up to one month permit. If you are inclined to dry eyes, however, you should avoid this if possible and give your eyes the opportunity to rest and regenerate at least at night.