ACUVUE OASYS with HYDRACLEAR Plus contact lenses are ideal for all lifestyles, as you can wear them for 24 hours a day, up to 6 nights in a row.
  2. ACUVUE OASYS for Astigmatism 6pack
     todays demanding environments and a key challenge is the amount of time we spend focusing on digital screens. This can lead to destabilisation of the tear film and cause dryness, blurred vision and tired eyes. The technology in ACUVUE OASYS contact lenses helps to stabilise the tear film promoting comfortable wear, even when using a digital device
  3. ACUVUE OASYS for Presbyopia
    This next-generation multifocal contact lens combines the unique Zonal Aspheric Optical Design and the exceptional comfort of HYDRACLEAR® PLUS Technology. The result is balanced vision near, far and in-between, from a contact lens material so comfortable it feels like wearing no lens at all – even in challenging environments that can make eyes feel tired and dry. They also contain the highest level of UV-blocking in a multifocal contact lens
  4. Acuvue Oasys With Transitions
    ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™ adjusts to challenging light environments, such as when playing sports, working under uncomfortable office lighting, or adjusting our eyes to digital screens Designed to offer the highest level of UV protection in contact lenses, blocking 100% UVB and >99% UVA. Available in 6 pack for two-week replacement. The ACUVUE® OASYS with Transitions™ outer case is developed using 90% pre-consumer recycled content. To help maximize...

Contact Lens has become the new age necessity since it allows you to stay away from the use of glasses. If you have been wearing the lenses, then you must go with this Two Weeks Disposable Contact Lenses. This contact lenses have been prepared to keep all the required standards in the mind and quality has not compromised. 

A Bit About Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses

They are quite helpful to go along with the new age lifestyle that means you can wear those 24 hours. To put in simple words, it is just like a boon for the people have become the part of the busy life. You can wear these lenses overnight for up to six nights. You just need to hydrate your eyes. It means you just need to hydrate your eyes.

They also keep away from the sun’s harmful rays. They are high in demand since they have made the life very easy. These contacts are made from the silicone hydrogel; it is a kind of material that allow three times more oxygen to the eyes in comparisons of the soft lenses. In short, it can be said that there was a time when people have to wear that kind of lenses which does not allow eyes the expected comfort. Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses being used a number of people and they are very satisfied.


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