Contact Lens FAQs

FAQ Contact Lenses

1. How quickly do I get used to contact lenses?

This is individually different but also depends on the contact lens type. Soft contact lenses are usually better tolerated because they are hardly perceived as foreign bodies due to their flexibility in the eye. Form-stable lenses (so-called "hard lenses"), on the other hand, are more oxygen-permeable and thus more compatible in the longer term.

2. I have a corneal curvature. Can I still wear contact lenses? What is in the case of presbyopia?

There are also suitable contact lenses for these cases - they belong to the standard range of all manufacturers. For people with corneal curvature, there are so-called toric contact lenses to compensate for the warping. People with age-obsolescence can also rely on special contact lenses that function similar to a progressive-vision lens and correct both the near and far range.

3. Can I wear contact lenses with a sensitive or dry eye?

Ultimately, the question can only be answered individually. Basically, there are contact lenses, which are also suitable for sensitive or dry eyes. In addition, there are wetting agents which provide remedies for dry eyes. Your contact lens specialist can provide you with detailed advice.

4. Why do I need to have my contact lenses adjusted by the specialist?

Each eye is different: diameter, corneal curvature, and lid opening differ. The eyes must be carefully measured by a contact lens specialist to ensure that the contact lenses are properly seated. Also plays a role, how dry your eyes are.

Once the contact lenses are adjusted, they can be easily re-ordered online. Nevertheless, a regular follow-up check is recommended, as a rule every six months.

5. Can I simply order my contact lenses with the same dioptric power as my glasses?

No, it cannot. The correction values of glasses and contact lenses are different because the contact lens is located directly on the eye, while the spectacles have a distance to the eye. If you wear a pair of glasses so far, the contact lenses have to be adapted by the specialist at the first time, who will also advise you about the type of lens that is right for you. Reordering is then no problem.

6. Are day lenses as suitable for me as year lenses?

Daily or monthly lenses are available with different spheres (diopters), curvatures (base curves) and diameters, but they can never be adapted as individually as year lenses. Nevertheless, they are suitable for most people.

Day lenses, in a particular are very easy to handle: no need for cleaning or maintenance - you simply use a fresh contact lens every day. Please take care not to exceed the recommended duration.

7. How much is the maintenance effort for contact lenses?

Your contact lens specialist will show you how to use and maintain your contact lenses correctly. With a little routine, contact lens care also takes a little time. If you want to have it particularly easy, opt for day lenses. These do not have to clean you, but you remove the pack every day a fresh lens.

8. How do I maintain my contact lenses correctly?

Careful care of your contact lenses is essential to prevent eye problems. The care agent you use must be matched to your tear film and to your contact lens. You should therefore not change the care agent without prior consultation with your contact lens specialist. 

9. What can I do if my item is shown as delivered, but it hasn’t been received?

   If you’re the recipient:

  •     - Check whether the item was sent using a service that obtains a signature on delivery. If it was, do you recognise the name or signature of the person
          who signed for it? The signature will be provided by the person who accepted the delivery and not always the person on the address label.
  •     - If the item was sent to your home, ask anyone else living there if they accepted the delivery. Please also check if the item has been left with a neighbour
         , or in your designated Safeplace if you have one.
  •     - If the item was sent to your work address, check with the post room and your colleagues to see if someone accepted the delivery.
  •     - If you bought the item online, check the shipping address was correct.