1. Freshlook Colorblends
    Freshlook Colorblends use a three-in-one revolutionary technology to blend seamlessly with your eyes natural colour, creating a subtle but powerful look. Looking for exotic shades? Try Gemstone Green or Brilliant Blue. Want a less dramatic enhancement? Grey or Amethyst is perfect for you
  2. Freshlook Colors
    Freshlook Colors by CIBA Vision / Alcon are designed to give you a dramatic change in appearance, with an iris design that blends with your natural base color to provide enhanced tones.
  3. Freshlook Dimensions
    Designed for those with naturally light colored eyes, Freshlook Dimensions offer a great option to subtly change your eye color for an intense appearance.
  4. Freshlook One Day 10
    Freshlook One Day contact lenses by CIBA Vision / Alcon bring the comfort and convenience of dailies to coloured contact lens wearers.