Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting our website. Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they part information regarding the policies under which you will be ordering lenses with us.

In these terms and conditions: “Lens Saver” means, Bagh Eyecare BV

The terms we and us are to be construed as BAGH Eyecare BV



You hereby certify that you do hold a valid prescription for the contact lenses you wish to order. This means that your prescription is within 12 months from the date of purchase and that the prescription has been dispensed by a professional and qualified optometrist or contact lens fitter (thereafter this should be construed as a practitioner).

We reserve the right to verify such details with your practitioner. The above stated also applies to those customers re-ordering lenses. Where you have been given a contra indication to wear lenses by a registered practitioner we reserve the rights to revoke any sale unless otherwise redirected by the same or another registered practitioner.

Hereby you also state that you have no ailments that contra indicates the wear of lenses. When purchasing from us you confirm and verify that you have been prescribed the contact lenses you have ordered by a qualified practitioner, therefore we do not take responsibility if you order lenses that have not been prescribed for you and/or if the difference between the prescription and purchase date exceeds 12 months.

We strongly recommend that regular eye checks are made by a qualified practitioner to ensure the welfare and continuity of your eye health. You do not necessarily have to send us your prescription but by accepting the terms and conditions contained herein above you verify that you have a valid prescription that is within the Law of the UK. The contact lens wearer must be at least 16 years old. We may assist you with your prescription if you so wish by faxing it to FAX NO



Our aim is to provide the best possible service to our customers so we reserve the right to refuse to sell products to you it we believe that you have a motive of re-selling the product. We also have the right to control the quantity of products made available to you.

We may even terminate your contract with us and restrict you to access to the website if we believe that any of your actions are in violation of any applicable law or is harmful to the interest of other users.

We reserve the right not to supply contact lenses if we consider any health contraindications against the wear of lenses or if the contact lens specifications do not meet the satisfaction to the terms set herein above.

The General Conditions shall be in accordance with the law of the country in which the Supplier accepts the order and not from the country in which the distribution was executed.

The sale contract will strictly be between the supplier and the customer. The customer will represent the individual that executes a sale from the website and that has read the Terms and Conditions accepting the contents in its entirety.

The Management reserves the right to cancel the order for whatso ever reason before the order is shipped , in such scenarios the order will be processed for refund and funds should be returned back to the card holders account/or any other payment mode used while placing the order . 



We shall not be liable for the delay or failure in supplying a product from our site as a result of being caused by events that are beyond our reasonable control. Should any such event occur, we shall endeavour to contact you as to make a decision to whether the contract of sale should remain or revoked.



We will not be responsible for any typing errors or mistakes that you have provided while placing your order.

The goods remain the property of the seller until such time that the goods and associated charges have been fully paid by the purchaser.

On completing the online order form you agree and accept that you are the person responsible for placing the order and agree for paying all the charges put through the website.

We reserve the right, at our discretion to charge your credit card if we have shipped you an order, and the invoice is not paid within a reasonable period of time.

We have the rights to revise and amend these terms and conditions as and of when we think it is required.

We will not be bound by your offer/purchase if there is an error in any advertisement or pricing that is on the website. In such circumstances the offer of purchase will be revoked.

Where the performance of delivery expectation falls short or any other such circumstances that hinder the performance from the purchase to receipt of your goods, we will not be held responsible ( this may be either uncontrollable circumstances or other errors ) for the herein mentioned. We will however, endeavour to remedy such events to the best of our abilities.

The delivery of the product will be directed by your preference and that you will also confirm and accept the associated charges of delivery. It will also be understood that the responsibility of the delivery will immediately be transferred from the seller to the purchaser once they have left our point of pick up. Where a delivery date is not specified we will try and fulfil orders within 21 working days.

Any disputes directed to BAGH Eyecare BV will be governed solely by the Dutch Law.

We take precautions to protect personal information that you have submitted on this site. However we will not accept any liability for unauthorised theft or data that has been used to your detriment.



Orders once placed can only be cancelled on the same day of placing the order and before the cut off time of 3 pm. Any requests made for cancellation after 3 pm will not be accepted. If an order is placed after the cut off time-(3pm), this will be considered as an order that has been placed on the following working day, the cut off time still being applicable. Working days are to be construed as Monday to Friday. UK bank holidays will not be considered as working days.

If you have missed the cancellation time you will be responsible for the return of the products at your own cost.

Kindly refer to the REFUND POLICY for details regarding the appropriate regarding costs and time.



All users will be registered and provided an individual username and password, and our database will hold all the relevant information. To reorder the same product as your last order, and providing the prescription is valid within the terms as set out within.

However, if you wish to order lenses with a different prescription of lenses or a different make of lenses you would need to provide us with the valid prescription clearly stating that you have been advised to do so by a professional optometrist. Please do refrain from placing a re-order in such circumstances.



Thank you for visiting our website. You are required to read the terms and conditions of use of the website before actually using it for making any purchase. By placing any order with us you indicate that you have read and agreed with all the terms and conditions of use and you agree that you will act accordingly. In case you do not agree with these terms and conditions than please do not use our website.

The information and services provided by the website are supplied by BAGH Eye Care BV

The allowance of using the service on our website is on a temporary basis and we reserve the right to withdraw or make changes in the service we provide without any notice. We will not be responsible if in any case the website is unavailable at any time.

It may appear that at sometimes we deny access to some parts of the website to our users. For those who are transacting with us for the first time completing a registration form is a compulsion but you can edit and update your details as and when required.

We provide the best information and description regarding our products on our website although we do not wish our customers to rely upon the information provided and make decisions accordingly. We cannot be held liable for any reliance placed on such information by any user.

We store and use your personal information as and when needed in accordance with our privacy policy, by placing orders through our website you allow us to process your information and agree that all the information provided is true and accurate.

We permit our users to download and print copy of the website only for their personal reference. Any other commercial use or changes made to it without our consent is prohibited.

Users are informed not to input any material which is technologically harmful and may create functional problems for the website. All the users are prohibited from gaining access to private and administrative area of the website.

Any user found not abiding to these prohibitions will be reported to law enforcement agencies and relevant action will be taken against them.

We will not be liable for any damaged caused to your appliance while using our website as it is an uncontrollable factor and we do have necessary steps taken to avoid such accidents.

Auto Reorder/Recurring Order Subscriptions

Auto Reorder is an automated ordering service that allows you to create repeat orders on a Specific date chosen by you. All orders under the Auto Reorder service are subject to our general Terms & Conditions and supplemental terms and conditions listed below. By placing an order through Auto Reorder, you confirm your acceptance of these Terms. 

By opting into Auto Reorder, you are authorising Bagh Eyecare BV, trading as Lenssaver.co.uk, to place repeat orders on your behalf, at the frequency and quantity selected by you. 

The Introductory offer only applies to the first Auto Reorder subscription created by you. If you subscribe to Auto Reorder and subsequently cancel the service, you will not be eligible to receive the introductory offer again. Lenssaver reserves the right to reject the discount if you breach these terms.

The price of each Auto Reorder will be automatically charged to the payment method used to create your subscription, or as otherwise directed by you. We will only take payment at the time of processing your order. If we are unable to process your payment, we will inform you via email, and retry the transaction again at a later time. If those attempts fail, we may temporarily suspend the service.

We reserve the right to change the prices of our products, discounts and services at any time, without liability or notice. 

All automatic orders will be dispatched via Royal Mail for UK delivery addresses Occasionally, we may change our postal provider due to strikes, postal failures, and other circumstances beyond our control. Delivery charges are exempt from the Auto Reorder discount.

You can pause or change an order prior to its dispatch or cancel the service at any time by visiting the Auto Reorder section of your account. Alternatively, you can call our Customer care Team on 08081233535 during working hours (Mon - Sat, 10.00am - 5pm). 

LENSSAVER reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Auto Reorder subscription at any time, without notice, if it believes you are violating the Terms in any way.


Customers can use only one of the available Discount Codes or Promotional Codes or Voucher Codes  at a time while placing an Order. all discouunt codes will be applied before the tax calculations.

All promotional discounts will be calculated beore the local taxes


If you wish to speak to us regarding anything or need any further information regarding the use of our website you can contact our customer service team at:

E-mail: info@lenssaver.co.uk