Contact Lens Care

Contact Lens care

The following general guidelines apply to contact lens care. Wash hands before cleaning and dry thoroughly. This prevents the contact lenses from coming into contact with bacteria. Water should never be used during cleaning. Heavy metals (e.g. lead) and impurities (e.g. germs & bacteria) tolerate contact lenses only with difficulty. Step-by-step cleaning is as follows:

1. Surface cleaning on the palm of the hand

For surface cleaning, the lens is placed on the palm of the hand. Wet the lens with an all-in-one care product. Gently rub the contact lens between the fingertips. This facilitates the detachment of particles from the contact lens surface.

2. Rinse off

To rinse the dissolved dirt film, use the all-in-one cleaning agent or a saline solution. Saline solution without preservatives should be used for sensitive eyes.

3. Disinfection before re-used is infection

Not all microorganisms are removed by human rubbing. You can use both combination solutions and peroxide solutions for contact lens disinfection. Since contact lenses require a longer dwell time for disinfection, it is advisable to keep contact lenses in the solution overnight.

4. Neutralization (only necessary for peroxide systems) Surface cleaning

  • If due to sensitive eyes or allergies to preservatives, you are using a peroxide solution during disinfection, you must neutralize the solution in which the contact lenses are located.
  • Warning: peroxide may enter into the eyes! Observe the package insert and instructions from your eye specialist or eye optician!
  • Before re-installing, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them. In order to rinse the residues of the detergent from the contact lens, a sterile saline solution should be used.
  • Do not forget to clean the contact lens container!

5. Contact lens holder

Also, the storage for your contact lenses needs cleaning. To do this, remove the old cleaning agent from the container, rinse it with fresh detergent and place it on a cloth with the top side facing downwards. You should also exchange it every month, at the latest, after three months.