Systane Ultra – Vials


Systane Ultra – Vials: Information

Whether you suffer from chronic dry eye, or experience dryness and irritation due to your contact lens use, Systane Ultra UD eye drops can provide the relief you need. These preservative-free eye drops are gentle on the eyes and provide long-lasting comfort. Each dose of sterile, lubricating solution is contained in a single-use vial the most hygienic way to deliver eye drops.

This offers convenience for both the regular, and intermittent user. The vials remain sterile until opening so there’s no need to dispose of them after one month. Use Systane Ultra UD eye drops as needed throughout the day. For relief from discomfort caused by contact lenses, apply Systane Ultra UD before applying, and after removing your lenses. Also available are Systane Ultra UD bottles, from

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