Systane Ultra – Bottle


Systane Ultra – Bottle: Information

If you suffer from dry eyes Systane® Ultra eye drops could offer you the relief you need. The fast and effective formula of these soothing and hydrating drops will eradicate redness, soreness and irritation. Daily contact lens wear can absorb the moisture from your eyes. And little things like staring at a computer screen for too long can make the drying effect even worse. However, use 1-2 drops of Systane® Ultra in each eye before applying and after removing your lenses, and you could feel the improvement instantly. If you want the intense moisturising effect of Systane® Ultra but have sensitive eyes, try Systane® Ultra UD vials the preservative-free option.


  • Lubricant eye drop designed for dry eye associated with aqueous and mucin layer deficiency
  • Can be used before, during and after contact lens wear
  • Once opened can last up to 6 months


  • Comfort: Extended protection and fast symptom relief leaving patients eyes feeling comfortable for longer
  • Restores: Not only hydrates the surface of the eyes for long lasting relief, but also helps restore the corneal surface
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