Systane Hydration


Systane Hydration: Information

Systane HYDRATION moisturising eye drops provide effective relief from the soreness, discomfort and blurred vision that can come with dry eyes. Wearing contact lenses can cause the absorption of moisture from your eye making them red, sore and uncomfortable. Simply apply Systane HYDRATION eye drops into the eye (without the need to remove your contact lens) and experience immediate relief. Systane HYDRATION eye drops do not simply provide a short-term soothing effect.

These eye drops actually work to repair the damaged surface of your eye caused by dehydration. So, if your eyes are looking red and uncomfortable you will quickly see the difference after applying Systane HYDRATION.

You will also feel the welcome relief from burning or irritation. These lenses are applied directly onto the surface of the eye allowing them to deliver fast and effective surface hydration. Using Systane HYDRATION can provide longer term benefits to your eyes and contact lenses. Suitable for use with all soft contact lenses (including silicone hydrogel lenses) they provide moisturising action preventing the lenses from drying out and causing greater discomfort to the eye.

This means that if you wear monthly or two-weekly replacement lenses Systane HYDRATION could reduce the need for early lens replacement, or a deep conditioning lens solution. Next time you order your contact lenses from, why not add Systane HYDRATION eye drops to your order.

They could make a huge difference to your daily wearing schedule and keep your eyes healthy, bright and white.


  • Contains a combination of hyaluronic acid (HA) and hydroxypropyl guar (HP-Guar)
  • Acts as a “bandage” to allow restoration of damaged cells on the surface of the eye with greater moisture retention compared to HA alone1
  • Suitable for use with contact lenses


  • Comfort: Advanced protection and hydration
  • Protection: Allows ocular surface restoration

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