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Proclear Multifocal Xr 3 pack

(3 lenses per box)
Please Note Proclear Multifocal Xr range is not available for same day dispatch Proclear Multifocal Xr Range Multifocal lenses suitable for those with presbyopia correction . Proclear Multifocal Xr Lenses use PC Technology™ for high level of moisture retention. An advanced design containing multiple zones of vision correction in both lenses, allowing for clear vision up close, at middle distances, and far away.
Manufacturer : CooperVision Brand : Proclear Type of Lens : Multifocal contact lenses Material : 62% Water + 38% Omafilcon A Water content : 62% Oxygen permeability : 17 Dk/t Lens diameter : 14.4 mm Base curves : 8.7 mm Available powers: -20.00D to +20.00D Handling tint: Yes UVA/UVB protection: No