Options Multi Solution (100ml)

(100ml Bottle)
Cooper Vision

Options Multi Solution (100ml): Information

Options Multi-Purpose Flight Pack solution by Cooper Vision is designed as a perfect travel kit and is suitable for all soft contact lenses. The Options Multi-purpose flight pack is capable of effectively cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and storing all soft contact lenses. At 100ml the Options Multi-Purpose flight pack comes in handy, found in a convenient new bottle size ideal for travelling use and on-the-go. This all-in-one solution is hassle-free with the benefit of no-rub formula. This means that Options Multi removes the need to rub your lenses clean manually, leaving them less prone to damage and tearing.

The unique formula of Options Multi-Purpose flight pack specialises in improving the moisture and lubrication of the contact lenses. Simply store your contact lenses overnight in the complimentary lens case provided along with the multi-purpose solution, by morning the solution will have gently cleaned, re-moisturised your lens, leaving it smooth and gentle to apply.

The flight friendly travel sized bottle ensures luggage requirements for all air lines are met, making it accessible for you, to keep in your hand luggage. So you will find yourself paying for convenience at a competitive price.

The Options Multi-Purpose Flight Pack gives you the confidence to keep the contact lenses clean, hygienic, with no hassle even on your travel.