OPTI-FREE PureMoist (1 Bottle)


OPTI-FREE PureMoist (1 Bottle): Information

Gentle enough for even the most sensitive eyes, OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® works with your contact lens to prevent it from drying out during the day. Used to disinfect and clean the lenses at night, this solution leaves a cushion of moisture on the lens surface, providing all day comfort. Non-oily and a powerful disinfectant, this solution will ensure your lenses are as clean and hygienic as possible from the moment you put them in. For a solution that not only cleans and disinfects, but continues to protect your lenses after use, choose OPTI-FREE® PureMoist®.


  • Safe: Gold standard biocompatible disinfection. Great for non-compliant wearers
  • Moisturising: OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution is the only contact lens care solution to provide moisture on todays’ lenses for 16 hours
  • Comfort: Only OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® has HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix; innovative wetting technology that works independently of the tear film taking moisture from the lens care to the patients eye
  • Effective: Reduces lipid deposits and removes protein.


  • Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution with HydraGlyde® cleans, reconditions, rinses, disinfects, stores and removes lipid and protein deposits daily
  • OPTI-FREE® PureMoist® contains POLYQUAD® & ALDOX® – which surpasses ISO requirements for disinfection
  • Proprietary HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix embeds in soft contact lenses, creating a moisture envelope around the lens2,4,5
  • 6 month discard date, significantly longer than most other lens care products
  • Studies have proven that this provides patients with 16 hours of comfortable wearing time2,5
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