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Opti Free Express Value Pack


Opti Free Express Value Pack: Information

A multipurpose solution that takes the care out of cleaning. Opti-Free® Express is a no rub multipurpose cleaner. The triple-action formula cleans, disinfects and conditions lenses while they soak overnight in their case. It gives you complete hygiene, and freedom from uncomfortable build-ups over time. Plus, the no-rub formula means you are less likely to damage your lens during the cleaning process. Enjoy a cleaning solution that continues to clean and moisturise even when you are wearing your lenses.

Opti-Free® Express formula helps lens material retain moisture, keeping your lenses lubricated and comfortable on your eye. Why not stock up on Opti-Free® Express with a value pack? Save money on your no-rub solution, and make sure you don’t run out!

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