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Frequency 55 Aspheric

(6 lenses per box)

Frequency 55 Aspheric: Information

Frequency 55 Aspheric contact lenses are designed for wearers with low levels of astigmatism.

The unique aspheric design focuses light at one focal point in the back of the eye, broadening depth-of-field and increasing image perception without sacrificing comfort. The handling tint ensures easier handling and insertion.

These lenses are ideal for wearers suffering from low levels of astigmatism that want more precise vision from their lenses. They are to be cleaned and stored away each night and replaced every month with a fresh new pair.

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Frequency 55 Aspheric: Features & Benefits

  • Better image perception: Unique design increases depth of field and image clarity.
  • Easier to handle: Light blue tint ensures easier insertion and handling.
  • Low level of astigmatism: Ideal for wearers with low level of astigmatism.
  • Aberration-blocking optics.
  • Excellent thin edge profile for comfort.
  • Increased range of focus all the way to the lens edge.
  • Improved contrast sensitivity, even in low-light conditions.

Contact Lens Details:

Manufacturer Cooper Vision
Brand Cooper Vision
Type of Lens Monthly disposable
Material 55% Water, 45% Methafilcon A
Water Content 55%
Handling tint Yes
UVA/UVB protection Not specified
Oxygen Permeability 21 Dk/t
Lens diameter 14.4mm
Base curves 8.4mm, 8.7mm
Available powers -10.00D to +8.00D
Handling tint Yes
UVA/UVB protection No
Compatible Lenses Easyvision Monthly Classic Aspheric