Complete RevitaLens

(360 ml)

Complete RevitaLens: Information Complete RevitaLens multipurpose solution is now available in 360ml and is the perfect solution for soft contact lenses and users of monthly and extended wear contact lenses. This 1 month pack of multi-purpose solution cleans, rinses and disinfects your eyes as well as removing surface desposits including proteins and lipids and protects your eyes extremely well.

Complete RevitaLens also offers a hygienic and gentle formula and is proven to clean away over 99% of know microbes. The solution, from Abbott Medical Optics, also eradicates 90% of protein and lipid substances which can cause lens clouding and irritation. So purchase Complete RevitaLens today and your contact lenses routine will become easier and your eyes will stay more comfortable throughout the day. The Complete RevitaLens flight pack contains one bottle at 360ml and with a contact lens case meaning you can store this at home in the bathroom or utility room without it taking up too much space.

It is intended for use of 1 month / 30 days but may last longer. 60 days use but usage may vary. For travelling, we recommend the 100ml flight pack instead. Order your multi-purpose solution at today.