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Clariti Elite Monthy Disposble

(3 lenses per box)
Cooper Vision

Clariti Elite

CooperVision clariti® elite lenses are monthly disposable lenses provides the  right balance of oxygen transmissibility, non-surface treatment, high wettability, low modulus and high water content that provides optimal comfort and corneal health.

Precision Contour Design

 contour lens design provides an incredibly thin and precise lens edge that ensures for a comfortable wearing experience.

Clariti Elite contact lenses are monthly disposable lenses that can be worn for on day to day basis up to 1 month from the day of the first usage, Monthly Lenses requiring nightly removal cleaning and storing using contact lens solution. This process of cleaning and storing ensure removal of all protein, dirt and deposits that may have gathered on the lenses during the day, Using a correct Solution will also rewet the lens for the day ahead.

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