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Proclear Toric

(3 pack per box)

Proclear Toric: Information

Proclear Toric contact lenses are exceptional in regards to comfort and are highly recommended for those with astigmatism. These lenses, manufactured by Cooper Vision, are monthly disposables, meaning they are designed to be worn daily and discarded once the 4 week period has passed. You’ll still need to attend to your cleansing routine, with Proclear Toric soft contact lenses though.

If you have a tendency to suffer from dry eyes, Proclear Toric contact lenses will really suit you. The PC Technology, (Phosphorylcholine Technology), a chemical that is integrated into the design of the lenses, closely mimics the natural composition of the eye’s cells. PC Technology assists in producing and retaining up to 62% of moisture levels throughout the duration of the day. Its action, of binding water to the surface of the lens, helps to create a protective buffer, or cushion, keeping your lenses clean and your eyes nice and fresh.

If you spend long periods of time in air conditioned environments, these lenses will really help keep your eyes well hydrated and comfortable too. Biocompatible materials that are a part of the contact lens structure help the lenses fit the shape and curve of your eye’s surface, in a natural way. As a result you’ll experience a higher quality of vision and comfort, even on those days when you wear your lenses for longer periods.

Contact Lens Details

Manufacturer :  Cooper Vision
Brand :  Cooper Vision
Type of Lens : Monthly disposable, Toric
Material : 62% Water + 38% Omafilcon A
Water Content  : 62%
Oxygen Permeability : 25 Dk/t
Handling tint : Yes
UVA/UVB protection : Not specified
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