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Freshlook Colorblends

(2 lenses per box)

Freshlook Colorblends: Information

Freshlook Colorblends use a three-in-one revolutionary technology to blend seamlessly with your eyes natural color, creating a subtle but powerful look. Looking for exotic shades? Try Gemstone Green or Brilliant Blue. Want a less dramatic enhancement? Grey or Amethyst is perfect for you.

These are monthly colored contact lenses, so they can be worn for a maximum of 30 days after opening, with the correct cleaning and storage regime every night. They are also available as plano, and in prescription, if you need vision correction. These lenses aren’t designed for a radical change, but enhance your natural color, providing you with a subtle but striking new look.

Buy your Freshlook Colorblends contacts from Lenssaver.co.uk, and choose from a large range of colors which suit both dark and light eyes. Over 90% of orders are shipped the very same day, so order now and enjoy a fresh new look at short notice.

Freshlook Colorblends: Benefits

  • Natural: A beautiful blend of color for a completely natural effect.
  • Beauty: Even if there is no vision correction need, contact lens wearers can experience a fresh new look.

Freshlook Colorblends: Features

  • The first 3-in-1 contact lens blends three colors on one lens to create a totally natural result.
  • Subtle yet complete eye color change.
  • Available in twelve beautiful colors.
Manufacturer CIBA Vision / Alcon
Brand Alcon
Type of Lens Coloured, Monthly disposable
Handling tint Edge to edge, light blue 'Visitint'
UVA/UVB protection None
Material phemfilcon A 1V 1
Water Content (%) 55
Dk/t 20 @ -3.00D
Tc (mm) 0.08
TD (mm) 14.5
BOZR (mm) 8-Jan
Power range (steps) +2.00 to -6.00 (0.25D); +2.50 to +6.00 (0.50D); -6.50 to -8.00 (0.50D)
Colours Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Honey, Turquoise, Amethyst, Pure Hazel, True Sapphire,Sterling Grey, Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green
Handling tint Yes
Lenses per box 2
Replace frequency 12-Jan
Design Front surface: Spherical Lenticular; Back surface: Spherical