Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution (Flight Pack)


Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution (Flight Pack): Information

Biotrue multi-purpose solution flight pack from Bausch & Lomb is the perfect accompaniment for any contact lens wearer going on holiday. The flight pack contains 2 x 60ml Biotrue Solution as well as 2 x lens cases, 2 zip-bag for flight and a care instruction and equates up to 20 hours of moisture. The solution really is multi-purpose as it does many different jobs; it cleans your eyes, conditions them, removes protein, disinfects and rinses them giving you ultimate protection. Biotrue also has a unique formula which matches the pH of healthy tears to ensure your eyes stay comfortable all day long. As Biotrue multi-purpose solution flight pack comes in such a small box, it can be taken on board an aeroplane, coach, bus or train and stored in your luggage or travel bag with ease. So don’t forget to take this convenient and extremely useful solution with you wherever you go.

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