AOsept Plus with hydraglyde

AOsept Plus

AOsept Plus: Information

Be prepared! Stock up on your cleaning solution with this bulk pack of AOSept® Plus including two bottles of AOSept® solution, and two neutralising cases. AOSept® Plus is a hydrogen peroxide solution. Preservative free, it removes all traces of deposits and irritants from the surface of your contact lens. This makes it the ideal product for allergy sufferers, and those with sensitive eyes. Pour your solution into the special neutralising lens case you receive with your purchase. Soak your lenses for six hours while the solution neutralises into a mild saline. Your lenses will be left clean, disinfected, and protein free. Because the product does not require you to rub your contacts, there is minimum risk of damage to the lens.


  • Comfort: Through a unique triple action cleaning and disinfecting system, your contact lens wearers more are left with with less residual
    H2 02 than they can feel2,3
  • Gentle*: Leaves your most sensitive contact lens wearers with exceptional and irritant-free comfort2,3,4
  • Effective: Delivers unsurpassed, irritant-free cleaning and disinfection


  • Peroxide cleaning and disinfecting solution for cleaning,disinfection, neutralisation, protein removal and storage
  • High purity-grade H2O2 formulation, refined over a decade
  • Proprietary Pluronic® 17R4, an exclusive built-in surfactant, cleans and removes debris and protein deposits
  • Unique basket-mount platinum disc removes with basket for better case hygiene and begins
  • neutralisation upon basket insertion for full disinfection and clean
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Solution Preservative-free peroxide solution
Active ingredients 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, Pluronic 17R4, Platinum Coated Disc (AODISC), Phosphonic Acid (stabilizer), Sodium Chloride, Phosphate (buffer system), Poloxamer (surfactant)
Discard Life At expiry date or 3 months after opening
Pack Sizes Travel Pack: 90ml; Single bottle: 360ml; Twin Pack: 2x360ml
Disinfection Efficacy Hydrogen peroxide-based deep cleaning using built in surfactant Pluronic® 17R4
Use Suitable for use with soft and RGP lenses